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  • Accoustic Correlates to Russian Question Type (with Angelika Kiss):
  • We are interested in finding pragmatic~phonetic correlates in Russian. We focus on four types of statements: true (information-seeking) questions, confirmative declarative questions, echo declarative questions, assertions. The aim for this project is to further our insight into the pragmatic~phonetic interace.

  • Accoustic Correlates to Romanian Defferentially Marked Objects (with Monica Irimia):
  • We are interested in using accoustic measurements to ascertain if coordination involving unmarked or differentially marked objects in Romanian is regular nominal coordination or sentential coordination with ellipsis. The aim for this project is to reveal the syntactic nature of differentially marked objects in Romanian and other languages.

  • Dialect Accomodation in Ontario (with the Ontario Dialects Project)
  • A series of meta-studies conducted on researchers from the University of Toronto conducting socio-linguistic research in Ontario. For every trip, vowel formant measurements of every participating researcher are extracted before departure, in the field, and upon return. The purpose is to measure the degree to which speakers alter their speech in unfamiliar linguistic environments. So far, data has been collected from trips to Parry Sound (2018) and Marmora (2019).

Research Assistant

  • Italian Intonation (with Michela Ippolito and Laura Colantoni)
  • (2023) In this role, I assisted in the design and implementation of a perception experiment investigating the prosodic correlates of semantic sentence types in Northern Italian dialects.

  • Russian Name Sound Symbolism (with Yoonjung Kang)
  • (2019-21) In this role, I designed and conducted a percpetion experiment with Russian-speaking participants, investigating the perception of the 4-way voiceless sibilant contrast /s, sj, ʂ, ɕ/ in relation to gender in Russian names.

  • Sign Language Phonetic Features (with Nathan Sanders)
  • (2017-18) In this role, reviewed video footage of lexemes in 50+ sign languages and annotated them with phonetic features.

  • Featureize! and Derive! (with Peter Jurgec):
  • (2016-17) In this role, I wrote and edited instructions for two pieces of linguistics software Featurize! and Derive!

Junior Analyst

  • Epidimilogical Software (Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • (2019) In this role, I annotated news articles related to the zika virus with semantic features to be used for training and testing of automated software for the detection and monitoring of epidemiological outbreaks.