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Andrei Munteanu

IPA (Rom.): [anˈdrej munˈte̯anu]

email: andrei.munteanu at mail.utoronto.ca


I was born in Moldova and relocated to Canada with my family as a child. In 2016 I attained an Honour's Bachelors Degree with high distinction from the University of Toronto, majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Latin and English. Thereafter, I decided to pursue the life of an academic, enrolling first in the Linguistics Master's program and then the Linguistics Doctoral program, both also at UofT. I am currently still at the University of Toronto working on my PhD, while also acting as a Teacher's Assistant, Research Assistant, and Course Instructor. In my free time I enjoy classical literature and poetry as well as chess and chess variants.


My interests lie in historical linguistics and phonology. In my dissertation, I develop a quantitative framework for evaluating the likelihood of comparative reconstructions. My hope is that this research will help settle debates about specific reconstructions and serve to propel the comparative method further into the past. More generally I'm interested in the applications of theoretical linguistics and quantitative methods to diachronic linguistics.

In addition, I have worked on patterns of synchronic homophony avoidance, on the effects of emotion on vowel formants, effects of pragmatics and syntax on F0, and on dialect accomodation.


I'm a native speaker of Russian and Romanian, and I have worked on both. I have also done work on English, and Canadian English in particular. I am fairly proficient in Latin and Japanese and a little bit proficient in Ancient Greek, Old English and Old Church Slavonic.

I'm an L2 reader and writer of R and Python and, as should be obvious, a beginner in HTML and CSS.